Pure Cremation was satisfied to provide your whole of The united kingdomt and Wales from its base at Charlton Park Crematorium in Hampshire.

We serve Scotland from our workplace in Hillington, near Glasgow.

We always submit our personal associates to maintain each customer, whether that’s on our doorstep or several hundred miles out. You’ll be considering a sensible period of introduction as well as counsel you need to know your family member is actually great palms, from the comfort of the very first call.

Unattended cremations for people which perish in England or Wales needs room at Charlton Park Crematorium. Attended cremations will take room at one of the thoroughly opted for spouse locations.

Cremations for consumers whom pass away in Scotland needs put at Clyde Valley Crematorium.

Just what are your company several hours?

If you want to arrange a cremation today then you can certainly phone we around the clock 7 days weekly throughout the quantity exhibited. There was an internet scheduling type should el salvador dating web site you decide aren’t prepared to talk with you.

For standard Enquiries, membership Enquiries and Pre-paid strategy suggestions kindly label 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday or email info@purecremation.co.uk

Is it possible to take control from another funeral director?

Yes. We do that quite often.

You have the directly to alter your attention, even when a nearby funeral residence has recently produced your beloved in their care.

Only determine the funeral movie director you want to teach absolute Cremation to take control. Ask what they’re planning recharge for practices sent at this point (we are able to include this to your expenses keeping activities easy for your family).

We are going to work with the funeral movie director for an easy and professional transfer of practices.

About our Direct Cremation Service

What is the distinction between a primary cremation and a normal funeral?

A direct cremation are a legitimate, appropriate and ever more popular alternative to a traditional funeral. Read More