The newest trailer sample rig shown when you look at the Figure step 1 was calibrated in conformity toward calibration curves revealed inside Figure step three

S6.1.10.2 The midst of gravity top of your ballast towards stacked handle truck is going to be lower than twenty four inches above the top of the tractor’s 5th wheel.

S6.1.ten.step three The brand new control trailer has actually one axle with a great GAWR of 18,000 weight and a distance, measured regarding transverse centerline of your shaft with the centerline of kingpin, out of 258 ±6 inches.

S6.1.10.4 The latest control trailer is actually piled in order for the axle is actually piled in the 4,five hundred pounds together with tractor was loaded to the GVWR, piled above the kingpin just, towards tractor’s fifth wheel adjusted therefore, the load on the for every shaft measured from the tire-ground screen are very almost proportional towards the axles’ particular GAWRs, without exceeding the GAWR of tractor’s axle otherwise axles otherwise control trailer’s shaft. Read More